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We *SEE* You! Nominations Open For EBCI’s 2020 National “HOPE AWARD”…

Hi guys!  One of my most favorite things to do under my leadership of the EndBrainCancer Initiative is to talk directly to patients with brain cancer and to hear first hand, “their story” and to “see” with my own eyes as well as to “hear” with my own ears how they IMPACT others simply by the way they are living with and fighting their brain tumor. I see such amazing Courage and Inspiration every day from patients with brain cancer and now, I want to meet them and share their stories with all of you and pick one of them to honor at this year’s EBCI National “HOPE” Award.

Due to COVID-19, our National “HOPE” Award, sponsored by www.Novocure.com, was not presented in May like it usually is during our annual “Brains Matter” Education, Awareness & ACTION Event as we had to reschedule this event to July 30th.  Now, also due to COVID-19, this event is now…

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