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Unexpected worst parts of post-surgery recovery : braincancer

I am about 6 weeks post-op for supratotal resection of grade 2 oligodendroglioma in my right frontal lobe – nearly half the right frontal lobe was removed, if you exclude the motor regions. Only a small chunk of my pre-motor cortex was scooped out. Everything was way easier than I expected – had no deficits or change in cognition what so ever, refused painkillers to give my liver and kidneys a break and just toughed out the pain for a few days. It was pretty much like a constant nasty ache just on the side of my head they cut open, or occasionally random shooting pains elsewhere, slept ok despite this. They sent me home after only about 4 days, since I was recovering fast. Had one string of seizures a day after coming home, no more since.

I haven’t really had many complaints compared to what most people probably experience, but I’ll tell what personally has been bugging me the most….

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