Home Dementias Trying to understand grandpa's tumor's genetic testing (1p/19q vs. IDH) : braincancer

Trying to understand grandpa’s tumor’s genetic testing (1p/19q vs. IDH) : braincancer

So we finally managed to do genetic tests on grandpa’s tumor cause one hospital decided to do it before they start him on chemo (his surgery was back in early April) and it turned out to be anaplastic oligodendroglioma, GIII. At first I was really happy that it was not GBM after all but after reading more into the results, I’m a bit lost.

Namely, they also said “1p/19q codeletion proesent; 1p36 / 19q13 codeletion present; in the studied material, a deletion of region 1p36 [75/200], 37.5% and a deletion of region 19q13 [82/200], 41% were observed” (my translation so prone to weird constructions) while they also gave us an immunohistochemistry report which stated “IDH-1 marker result: (-)” which I guess means negative?

So from what I’ve been able to find, the 1p/19q codeletion is great news and a good prognostic factor. The IDH-1 “(-)” thing (if that means negative) though, seems to…

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