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Nivolumab Demonstrates Durable Response in Refractory Biliary Tract Cancer

A phase II study published in JAMA Oncology found that nivolumab (Opdivo) was well tolerated and demonstrated moderate efficacy with durable response in patients with refractory biliary tract cancer (BTC). 

However, the researchers indicated that further studies are necessary to verify the findings and assess biomarkers for improved treatment selection for patients. 

“With the success of PD-1 blockade immunotherapy in melanoma, nivolumab has been extensively suited in the treatment of multiple tumor types, and emerging clinical data have demonstrated durable clinical activity and safety of nivolumab in various cancers,” the authors wrote. “However, only limited are reported on the role of immune checkpoint inhibitors in BTC owing to the rarity of the disease.” 

In this single-group, multicenter phase II study of nivolumab, researchers assessed 54 patients with…

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