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NBTS 2020 Event T-shirt Design Revealed – News & Blog

During the final months of 2019, NBTS announced a contest to let those in the brain tumor community with a creative touch submit their own custom artwork for consideration as the new design that will be featured on all 2020 NBTS Signature Event t-shirts.

A number of terrific entries were submitted, but ultimately only one could be declared the winner. So, without further ado, we’re excited to share the winner and his design with all our supporters.

By David Weissman

This winning design was submitted by David Weissman, a 32-year old landscape architect from Long Island, NY, and recent brain tumor survivor.

“I was thrilled when I found out my design had been chosen,” says David. “This entry was very personal for me and I can not wait to see the NBTS community wearing these shirts across the country!”

David had surgery to remove his tumor less than a year ago, in March of…

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