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I have an inoperable, very unique pituitary tumor that is causing dangerous side effects across my body, we need help treating the one thing that we can. Thank you all : braincancer

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I tried my best to explain everything in the Gofundme, but I’ll also put sone information here.

Hi folks, my name is Sophie, I’m 27 and live with my partner in the NYC area. I’m reaching out to you all today for help. I have a brain tumor growing on my pituitary gland that has been wreaking havoc on my body for the past year. We have been struggling through the process with several doctors and specialists and, because of the incredibly unique nature of my situation, are in a bad spot. They will not operate on the tumor because of its proximity to the rest of my brain and the fact that it is not yet cancerous. However, it is what they call an “active tumor” which means that it is actively creating problems via the manipulation of the pituitary gland itself.

The symptoms it causes are complex, affecting my pineal gland, adrenal system, giving me horrible migraines, but…

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