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Glioblastoma Models Get Boost From Cutting-Edge Tech – News & Blog

Laboratory models are the backbone of cancer research and the development of new medicines. Researchers use models to study the biology of tumors like glioblastoma (GBM), as well as for testing the potential safety and effectiveness of drugs in different tumor types. 

Dr. Frank Furnari

While today’s models for glioblastoma research are the best tools scientists have to study the disease and potential new treatments, they still have a number of limitations.

Model development has been part of the focus of researchers in the National Brain Tumor Society’s Defeat GBM Research Collaborative. As recorded in the latest progress report from this program, the Defeat GBM team has already collaborated on the creation of more than 70 new model systems that mimic human GBM tumors with improved accuracy. These models have been deployed across the Defeat GBM teams to identify and validate a…

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