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Clinical Implications from the TAILORx Trial



Kristie L. Kahl: Can you provide a general overview of the TAILORx trial?

Jane L. Meisel, MD: It helps first to talk about what Onctotype is. Anyone who has studied estrogen-positive breast cancer or has had estrogen-positive breast cancer, probably will be familiar with Oncotype. Essentially it is a genomic test that takes a woman’s tumor after it has been removed and analyzes that tumor to look at levels of expression of different genes in the tumor. If you have high levels of expression of high-risk genes – genes that portend a poor prognosis or a high risk of recurrence – and your Oncotype score, which is a numerical score you get back, is higher. And if you have higher levels of low-risk genes, then your score will typically come back lower. That score is on a continuum. 

This is a test that has been validated for a long time. We’ve known for a long…

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