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Birthday Blessing for Cheryl – Brain Tumour Society (Singapore) Ltd.


BTSS celebrated member Cheryl’s birthday today with the delivery of a cake by longtime volunteer Kim and staff Jackie.  We were warmly greeted by Patricia, Cheryl’s sister, who was thankful for us celebrating Cheryl’s 41st birthday.  Cheryl loves being around people and she also loves We Bare Bears!  The room was cheerfully decorated with We Bare Bears’ balloons, posters and sweet treats.  Though she spoke few words, we could feel that Cheryl getting at ease with us as she allowed Kim to pamper her.

The intention was to bless Cheryl with a simple birthday cake, but I left the hospice all toasty and warm.  The extent that Patricia went to make Cheryl’s birthday all about her favourite character showed the bond between the sisters runs deep and strong.  I am reminded that bliss is always there when you look harder.  Thank you Chery and…

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