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Been told my MRIs are clear and my symptoms are in my head- then my Mayo Clinic Neuro finds a cyst. What are the chances that It takes three doctors to see the cyst? Ugh… : braincancer

I’ve been feeling unwell for as long as I can remember, but began to feel really unwell in 2017- Unwell meaning, a series of unusual symptoms that come and go- usually an intensifying of existing symptoms or new symptoms all together- -Keep in mind that I had several bad concussion in highschool- most of my symptoms had been chalked up as concussion related or mental health issues- I went to my physician with a general malaise with no real cause- headaches, muscle soreness, brain fog, dizziness, anxiety/ depression, tingling/ numbness in hands and legs that came and went, chronic strong fatigue, visual fogginess, eye pain/ dull ache behind eyes, ringing in ears, memory issues, mood issues, dissociation/ depersonalization. I was given an MRI, blood workup- all came out normal- wasn’t tested for lymes- didn’t have rash/ fever. Similar episodes would then pop up every few months,…

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