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Anti-IL-6 Agents Suggested by SITC to Treat Patients with COVID-19

In an editorial, researchers from the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) suggested that though definitive data showing that IL-6 receptor blockade benefits patients with COVID-19 induced pneumonitis are currently lacking, an effort should be made to maximize the availability of anti-IL-6 agents on a compassionate basis to treat hospitalized critically ill patients infected with COVID-19.

Further, they suggested that considerations should be given to focus efforts on rapidly expanding the ability of clinicians and clinical investigators to access investigational anti-IL-6 agents, particularly for agents where phase I and/or phase II studies have been completed and acceptable safety was demonstrated.

“Even if the primary impact of a single dose of these drugs is to accelerate recovery and get patients off ventilator support and out of the ICU more rapidly, this could…

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